my parrot wont speak!

Discussion in 'Bird Forum' started by marie76, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. marie76

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    How do I get my parrot to speak I have had him for nearly a year now and has'nt said a thing! he makes like bird noises so he must not be mute but I have tried and tried but no luck!
  2. pdgal

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    Do you interact with him a lot? Birds learn to talk based on their environment - they mimic sounds and anything else they hear, but actual interaction is better than just leaving media to play on repeat.
  3. Alene Wilson

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    A bird generally speaks to learn by repeating what it hears. I think you should take your bird to an avian-savvy vet to ensure that the parrot is healthy.
    When you are trying to teach, start with simple, short words. Repeat the same word in the same tone over a period of time. When your bird starts to mimic the word, even if it's just a recognizable attempt, immediately reward her. Rewards can include novel food treat that your parrot doesn't get any other time. When these rewards are given immediately after the bird attempts to speak the word, she will pair hearing the word with receiving something positive and will likely repeat the word to get the reward.